Fist of all

Ken's Rage. Martial arts[1] post-apocalyptic [2]. Sci-Fi Channel.

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Fist of all
Fist of all
Fist of all
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However, mankind survived and entered an age where fist of all strong ruled over the weak, as the few survivors fought over whatever supply of food and uncontaminated water remained in the wasteland of the world. Numerous video game titles based fist of all the Fist of the North Star have been produced since the release of the Enix adventure game, simply titled Hokuto no Ken for the PC With Toki no longer in condition to fight, Kenshiro is left as the only one who can defeat Raoh. Bat finds this fortunate because this meant both Kenshiro and Lin would start with blank slates.

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Fist of all
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So Bat wipes Lin's memories in order to allow her to start anew, taking her to places significant to Lin and Kenshiro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Berserk creator Kentaro Miura has named Fist of the North Star as the work that has fist of all the biggest impact on his own. Viz's version featured mirrored artwork with translated sound effects and other retouched details. Entertainment under the title of Fist fist of all the North Star:

Fist of all
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Fist of all

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